National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC): For facilitating Growth of Enterprises

National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC): For facilitating Growth of Enterprises

Aiming to enhance the competitiveness and growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in India. Have specific questions or if there’s a particular aspect of NSIC or small-scale industries (MSMEs) that you’d like to know more about.. You are at the right place….

The National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) is a certified Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). With a mission to promote and support the MSME sector, NSIC provides integrated support services in Marketing, Technology, Finance, and other areas. The organization operates through a nationwide network of offices and Technical Centres. 

Here are some key schemes and services offered by NSIC:

Marketing Support

Consortia and Tender Marketing:

NSIC forms consortia of Micro and Small units manufacturing the same product to pool in their capacity. Applies tenders on behalf of MSEs to secure orders, distributing them based on production capacity.

Single Point Registration for Government Purchase:

Enlists MSEs under SPRS for participation in Government Purchases. Provides benefits under Public Procurement Policy for MSEs, including free tender sets, EMD exemption, and price advantages.

MSME Global Mart B2B Web Portal:

Offers Infomediary Services through the MSME Global Mart web portal. Features include creating a company’s web page, displaying products/services, connecting with global buyers/suppliers, and more.

Marketing Intelligence:

Collects and disseminates domestic and international marketing intelligence for the benefit of MSMEs.

Exhibitions and Technology Fairs:

Participates in international and national exhibitions and trade fairs to showcase MSME competencies and capture market opportunities.

Buyer-Seller Meets:

Invites bulk and departmental buyers to participate in meets for vendor development from MSMEs.

Credit Support

Financing for Raw Material Procurement:

Provides financial assistance for procuring raw materials, helping MSEs benefit from bulk purchases and discounts.

Financing for Marketing Activities:

Facilitates financing for marketing activities such as internal marketing, exports, and bill discounting.

Credit Facilitation Through Banks:

Collaborates with nationalized and private sector banks to facilitate MSMEs’ access to credit support.

Technology Support

Technical Services:

Offers advice on new techniques, material testing, product design, common facility support, energy/environment services, and training for skill development.

Software Technology Cum Business Parks:

Establishes parks in Delhi and Chennai for MSMEs involved in software development and IT/ITES.

Incubation and International Cooperation

Incubation of Unemployed Youth:

Facilitates the establishment of new enterprises by providing integrated services to unemployed individuals.

International Cooperation:

Engages in sustainable international partnerships, business/technology missions, JVs, technology transfer, and consultancy services for developing countries.

International Consultancy Services:

Offers consultancy services in capacity building, policy, institutional framework, entrepreneurship development, and business development services.

Conclusively, NSIC holds a distinctive role among institutions established to support small-scale industries. Dedicated to its mission of assisting, promoting, and nurturing the growth of small-scale industries, now referred to as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), NSIC plays a crucial role in the development of these industries. Therefore, the functions performed by NSIC are vital for the advancement of medium and small-scale enterprises in the country.