Are you a registered seller / buyer in GeM ??

Are you a registered seller / buyer in GeM ??

Done bidding, auction,  procurement  through the GeM portal ?? No……… Come read more to know about the GeM and Register yourself in GeM and experience reimaged business deals…. 

Achieving good governance and reducing corruption should be a government’s primary objective. So public procurement is one of the most crucial areas where the probability of corruption is also very high whenever there is a human engagement with the vendor. Public procurement actually incentivises the process of corruption in almost all government departments where they have to purchase something from the market. So a one stop solution issued by the Government of India is by developing the GeM Portal.

GeM is a short form of dedicated government e-market place hosted by DGS&D that facilitates online  procurement of common goods and services by different Government departments, Organizations and PSUs. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India launched this program on August 9, 2016 with an aim of enhancing efficiency,  speed and transparency in public procurement. It also offers tools of e-bidding, reverse e-auction and demand aggregation technologies in order to help government users achieve best value for their money. 

Aim of GeM

The aim of the government e marketplace is to create a  transparent and effective marketplace for  government departments, public sector companies and other government organizations in India. It aims to simplify the procurement process, promote fair competition and assure the best value for taxpayers. It provides a single platform for government buyers for purchasing goods and sellers, thereby minimizing paper work, time and cost . It also aims to promote the participation of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups.

Vision, Mission and Values of GeM

Vision – The vision of GeM is to create a transparent, efficient and diverse ecosystem that encourages fair competition, prevents fraud and promotes value for money in government procurement.

Mission – The mission of GeM is to provide a user friendly and safe online platform that simplifies the procurement process, promotes smooth transactions and encourages the participation of suppliers including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Values – GeMs value include responsibility, transparency, honesty, accountability, inclusivity and efficiency. These values serve as a guide for platform operations, decision making process and interaction with shareholders. 

Facilities in GeM  

Online Registration: Suppliers, service providers, and buyers can register online to participate in the process of procurement.

Catalog Management: Sellers can create and submit their product catalogs on GeM, including uploading product details, requirements, and pricing.

E-Bidding: GeM improves the e-bidding process, enabling buyers to invite bids from registered suppliers for specific products or services.

Online Ordering: Buyers can search through the list of registered sellers and place orders for required goods and services directly on the GeM portal.

Payment and Invoicing: GeM provides a secure payment gateway for online transactions, assuring prompt payment to sellers and generating invoices for buyers.

Grievance Redressal: GeM has a dedicated grievance redressal mechanism to deal with any problems or disputes that may arise during the procurement process.

Features of GeM

Openness – It eliminates the need for human interaction in vendor registration, order placement, and payment processing. As an open platform it does not place any restriction on genuine vendors who want to work with the government. And at every stage the buyers, buyers head, payment authorities and sellers are notified through SMS and E-mail at every stage. 

Efficiency – Purchases on GeM can be done directly in a matter of time and the whole process is online , end to end integrated  and provided with online tools evaluating price reasonability .Comparing to other e-procurement  systems used by government, the bidding, Reverse Auction (RA) facility on GeM is one of the most transparent and efficient for higher value purchases.

Safe and Secure– Both buyers and sellers electronically sign all documents on GeM at various stages. The MCA 21, Aadhar and Pan records are used to online verify vendors credentials.

Savings to Government – The transparency, efficiency and easy access of GeM portal has resulted in significant reduction in price on GeM as compared to rate, purchase rate, rate contract. At least 15-20% and in certain circumstances up to 56 % less money can be sent on average on GeM.

Promoting Make in India –  Filters for selecting goods which are Preferential Market Access compliant and manufactured by Small Scale Industries (SSI) makes it very simple for government buyers to purchase Make in India products and SSI products.

Advantages of GeM

To Buyers

Government buyers can simply search and purchase a wide variety of products and services from a registered seller. Also this website provides the buyer a user-friendly interface which helps in comparing prices, features and quality of a product before making any purchase. And in order to ensure reasonable pricing and good value, GeM offers tools such as e bidding ,reverse auctions and demand aggregation.

To Sellers

GeM gives an opportunity to sellers to display their products and services to a large number of consumers. Sellers can register on the website, list out their products and participate in auctions .It also offers a wide range of tools and resources to help sellers in managing their stock, tracking orders and getting paid.


  1. What does Womaniya mean in the GeM portal ?

It was introduced by the Union Government on 14 th January 2019 . A project that gives women entrepreneurs and women self help group  organizations opportunities to sell their products such as home decor, office furniture, handloom products , accessories to various Government departments and institutions.

2. What requirements to be met for using the GeM portal?

Users Aadhaar number 

Aadhar linked mobile number.

E-mail ID that ends in 

Verify authority details such asd name , phone number and email id.

3. How to sell on GeM?

  • First you have to register yourself on the GeM portal.
  • Place your products under specified categories. 
  • Deliver products to the recipient after receiving the order 
  • After an order is successfully delivered the receiver must test and examine the product to ensure that it meets with the terms of contract and issue acceptance or rejection through on-line CRAC .
  • After CRAC, the buyer processes the bill and forwards it to the paying authority for time bound payments.

4. What is the aim of GeM?

The aim of the government e marketplace is to create a  transparent and effective marketplace for  government departments, public sector companies and other government organizations in India. It aims to simplify the procurement process ,promote fair competition and assure the best value for taxpayers.