Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Accovet Limited is a Group Company having a team of hyper creative and super skilled professionals whose enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and excellence transformed us as the best Consulting Company. We are prepared to assist you in a variety of business endeavors for your success. Our consulting interventions are not only high impact and result oriented as but also we collaboratively implement the strategies/ plans developed by us with Clients in consultative ways.


Where are we going/ moving forward?

  • Build a Group company and member companies
  • Expanding to regional, national and overseas arena
  • Financially growing
  • Appending more customized services
  • Excel in all endeavors chosen to sustain
  • What kind of future society do we envision?
  • Expanding and consolidating customer- base.
  • Disruptive and technology driven
  • Demanding, delighted with the offered services and support.


What do we do today?

Providing ethical and quality services in Management Consulting, Accounting, Auditing, Strategy consulting, Corporate Legality, Cross Border Commerce, Organization Development, Project Management, Taxation etc.
What do we want to achieve in the future?

  • Leading Consulting Company in India and Asia.
  •  Smart innovator in the service technology, practices and service deliveries.
  • Top level experts consortium inculcated with self- training & development initiatives.

Who do we serve?

  • Put footprints in all industries/ businesses to serve Clients in India and Overseas.
  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • Level up with competing companies with refreshed expertise, competence and impeccable service deliveries
  • Delight customers with ethical and result oriented support to attain sustainable growth and transformation.
  • Create value to the organization to stand competitive.

What impact do we want to achieve?

A niche brand in the defined service sectors.

  • A growing, sustainable, ethically accented customer-base and community.
  • Grow as a large size Consultant partner company serving customers.
  • An ethical human organization blending the technological innovations


+ Quality-Q
+ Accountability-A
+ Compassion-C
+ Ethics-E
+ Integrity-I
+ Reliability-R


+ Business strategy consulting- Start-ups & Virtual CSO
+ Business Impacting- Restructuring, Change, Turnaround
+ Business development & Marketing- GTM Plans & Virtual CMO
+ Corporate Finance & Plans- Virtual CFO
+ Project Management& Services- Virtual COO
+ Manufacturing & operations strategy- Demand/ Supply, Products/ Services and Virtual CPO
+ Cross Border Commerce- International Markets
+ Organization Development& change- Virtual CHRO
+ IT & Digital development & support.


1. High levels of ethics
2. Proven consulting process
3. Unbiased diagnosis
4. Role clarity
5. Creative thinking6. Realistic strategies
7. Result oriented implementation
8. Persistent monitoring & reviews




> 3600 Evaluation of Organization’s Ecosystem-E
> Strategy development together-S
> Implementation, collaboratively-I
> Monitoring, systematically- M

We offer creative solutions that have helped hundreds of companies develop and execute winning strategies that create more long- term value in their business. We work collaboratively with the Clients to:

  • assess and align Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat to derive growth benefits for long term.
  • develop a corporate strategy that supports end-to-end and long- term value creation.
  • lead the SMEs to its full competencies, today and in the future, by making key growth decisions.
  • develop digital strategies that align with SMEs core strategy and prompt them to leadership position.

We take the privacy of every piece of information you share with us very seriously. We are committed to the security for clients’ data. All of our employees sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement that ensures client data security.
Our clients deserve the best, we have the best. We recruit, train and employ the highest skilled team who are focused on understanding the needs of your business well.
From our experience, we know that one size of anything does not fit all. We listen carefully, and work from scratch to shape up your unique vision, because no two persons are alike
We have clients coming from all verticals of businesses, from aspiring entrepreneurs to companies engaging different kinds of industries. Transform businesses by helping them to navigate in the digital age. We help our clients by combining business plans and technology to harness the power of modern digital technology and automating their businesses.
Time is the key factor in any business. In financial and legal matters, time is of the essence. So we stick the timelines agreed with the clients and we take pride in our track record of accurate and timely delivered services without compromising on the quality.

Business Strategy

In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. We offer creative solutions that have helped many companies across all Asian geographies and sectors develop and execute winning strategies. We’ve been a strategy thought leader for over two decades, and we bring unrivaled capabilities, tools, technologies, and
talent to every engagement, augmented by an ecosystem of best-of-breed team that provide specialized expertise. Our strategy consultants will help you mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, and flex as needed, so you achieve sustained, profitable growth.

Proven Consulting Process- ESIMWays

It is an in-house developed and proprietary consulting tool which helps the team of consultants and clients effectively evaluate, develop strategy, implement the strategy and monitor the results or performance of the client organization.
E- stands for evaluation to diagnose the organization and its ecosystem 360 degree which includes top level management, managers team, employees and staff; strategy, customers/ clients, suppliers/ vendors, competitors, technology, finances, products, production, engineering, raw materials, sourcing, costing, pricing, profitability, sustainability, customer care etc., which are classified as internal and external analysis. A project budget also will be part of the evaluation report so that the client/ customer is assured of results expected out of the investment/ efforts taken by the company for growth and sustainability. Clients’ previous 3-5 years performance evaluation is conducted in this elaborate process. Our approach is clinical in this vital phase of the project to conduct deep assessment about 360degree of the organization.
Verification of financial data, market research, technology audit, H R audit, key performance areas, existing key performing indicators, SWOT Analysis, Gap Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Five Forces Analysis, PESTEL Analysis etc. are suitably deployed to find the best evaluation results. Such evaluation result shall be presented
to the Client/ Customer with detailed data analysis, data interpretation and present unbiased findings to the Client/ Customer. Quantitative and qualitative analysis is done using modern research tools are applied in the process.
Consultant team based on the evaluation will collaboratively develop a business strategy for the organization to achieve its missions and objectives. There are five key components to help you build an effective business
strategy. They include:

1. Business objective

Your business objective or mission statement identifies a gap in the market that your business hopes to address. Any business strategy you set out to implement is required to always link back to this vision. Think of a business strategy as an action plan with detailed instructions on how those responsible require achieving the
organizational goal.

2. Core values

According to the organization’s core values, your business strategy is required to communicate clear guidelines on what people are required to do and need not do. Articulating these values on paper encourages coworkers to hold themselves accountable to the organization’s standards.

3. SWOT analysis

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This analysis is integral to your business strategy, as it represents a snapshot of the company’s current situation. Identifying these four key areas prepares you for challenges you may encounter along the way. It shows what strengths you can use to your
advantage and exposes weaknesses you require to address.

4. Operational tactics

A business strategy needs to transform a vision and plan into action. Once you identify your resources through a SWOT analysis, you can then allocate them accordingly. Operational tactics prioritize what needs to get done now and what can wait for later. It helps you manage your time and resources efficiently.

5. Measurement

To evaluate your business strategy’s effectiveness, you require incorporating a means of tracking your performance. It works best when you divide your objective into smaller targets that you can measure regularly. For example, you can measure your output through smaller financial milestones. The Key Result Areas are
clearly specified with the role clarities of the Team of consultants and the management of the client organization. It will be followed by Key Performance Indicators you understand the result offered by the intervention of the team of Consultants with the client organization. The following shall be part of the Strategy we develop for the Client/ Customer organization.;

  • Business Overall Strategy
  • New brand positioning strategy
  • Technology& Production strategy
  • Operational restructuring strategy
  • Financial restructuring strategy
  • Cost-control & pricing strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Marketing & customer care strategy
  • H R Strategy
  • Resources Strategy


Strategy implementation is the process of turning the strategic plan into action. Whether you’re executing a new marketing plan to increase sales or introducing new work management software to increase efficiency— your plan is only as valuable as the implementation. Success of any good strategy is the effectiveness of its implementation with the Client/ Customer organization. Success of our strategy implementation and assured results are through its implementation processes;

– Communicate goals
– Engage Teams from Client/Customer as well as the Team of Consultants
– Execute the plan
– Agility
– Exit the Project
– Reflect/ Reviews

Implementation of the developed strategy is done in this step modulated by project management tools. Strategic performance of the implementation shall be conducted in this phase. Based on the chosen outcomes, relevant and reliable indicators that will help you track and measure your progress and performance against your objectives. Indicators are quantitative or qualitative measures that show how well you are doing, what changes are occurring, and what effects are being produced. They should be relevant to your objectives, reliable in terms of data quality and availability, and realistic in terms of resources and feasibility.

Plan deviations are monitored using an implementation matrix tool to systematically assure results without the project being lead to unfeasible situations of performance. Corrective action shall be taken spontaneously and collectively with participation of Clients team and Consultants. A Project Coordinator/Manager/ Director shall monitor the implementation from Client side while a Consultant, team of Consultants, Associate Consultant overseen by the Chief Consultant from our side.


We will establish monitoring and evaluation systems that will enable you to collect, analyze, and report on the data and information related to your indicators. A monitoring and evaluation system is a set of processes, tools, and roles that help you plan, implement, and manage your monitoring and evaluation activities. It should include a monitoring and evaluation plan that outlines the purpose, scope, methods, responsibilities, and timeline of your monitoring and evaluation activities, as well as a data collection and analysis plan that specifies the data sources, methods, tools, frequency, and quality control of your data collection and analysis.

The final step is to review and update your strategy based on the results and insights from your monitoring and evaluation activities. Reviewing and updating your strategy is a process of assessing how well your strategy is achieving your objectives, addressing the challenges and opportunities in your environment, and delivering value to your stakeholders. It should involve reviewing your vision, mission, goals, objectives, indicators, and actions, and updating them as needed to ensure that they are still relevant, realistic, and effective.



True Experts

Customized Solutions

Technology Driven

Fastest Turn-Around Time



From the back office and research lab to the production floor and across your entire supply chain, we can help you develop an unconstrained, end-to-end program to transform your operations. We’ll ensure that you focus on the opportunities that maximize competitive advantage and strengthen the connection between operations and strategy.

  • New products & services
  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Supply chain& logistics
  • Services

Business development

We help you achieve sustainable, organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your company’s business development, sales and marketing strategy. Our approach tests every element of your customers’ experience, delivering optimal interactions at every touchpoint. 

From our breakthrough research on customer loyalty to our proven approach to customer journeys, our business development, marketing & sales consulting experts offer the insights, tools, and experience needed to realize your full potential. We don’t just help your organization develop a robust strategy; our team will help you execute on every ambition handholding with your Team, providing the tools, diagnostics and benchmarks necessary to transform how you serve your customers and earn their enduring loyalty.

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Costing & pricing
  • Grab- The- Market (GTM) Strategy
  • Distribution& Sales Management
  • Franchisee modeling & business
  • Customer Delight

How does an organization grow sustainably while preserving a rebellious mindset? How do you boost efficiency while remaining flexible? How do you launch and extent innovation while continuing to execute tried and tested processes? We help you balance all these considerations and more, ensuring that you attract and retain great talent and effectively manage organizational change.

  • Top management & Talent
  • Teams
  • Behavior
  • Culture
  • Organization Development

Transformations have been part of our core strength for years. Our programs are anchored in a full potential view of your business and a bold ambition to deliver fast results, amplify your digital capabilities, and fundamentally change your business. We collaborate with you to consider every growth opportunity and customize a personalized program based on your strategic and organizational context. Working with us will feel different—we team with you to define your goals, change your organization, and deliver more than you thought possible while others could not even imagine. The focused results of our intervention are as follows;

  • People & Organization
  • Systems & Technology
  • Processes & procedures
  • Customer loyalty
  • Impact& Performance
  • Sustainability
  • Elevating Corporate position of Clients

Sustainability Management

Our experience shows that vision and practicality go hand in hand. We can help you root sustainability in your core strategy, helping you translate ambitious goals into practical, actionable plans that get results for long term. Every company is at its own stage in the journey toward a more sustainable, responsible, and equitable future. But what the leaders understand is that opportunities abound; embedding sustainability and corporate responsibility capabilities can create enormous value. Just look at the successful, enduring transformations we’ve enabled for our clients.

Our high powered solutions and integrated expertise ensure that your whole organization maximizes the ROI of your sustainability investments. And we understand that the most challenging sustainability issues can’t be fixed alone, so we’ll help you foster multi-stakeholder participation and partnerships across your value chain.

We can help you embed sustainability in every facet of your strategy and operations, to address everything from energy and emissions to investments and due diligence. Our sustainability consulting expertise extends to natural, Ayurveda, herbal and sustainable materials, sustainable food systems, supply chain optimization, and diversity, equity, and incorporation. 


Our services are offered to any industry as allowed by our skills and expertise. This multi-faceted competency of our team enables to serve any type of business effectively brining planned outcomes. Our subject experts having deep knowledge of the sector and experience shall help you to deliver the best ever you dreamed for your company. Our focused business sectors are;

Smart Agriculture

Agriculture and humankind have transformed each other for millennia, but new factors have altered the balance and accelerated the change. Disruptive technologies, relentless global competition, and urgent ecological concerns are forcing agribusiness leaders to undertake bold innovations that are sustainable—both for the planet and the corporate bottom line.

We can help you meet these challenges, and prosper. Our global network of experts will introduce you to the latest advances in regenerative and green agriculture, alternative protein, fermentation, and plant-based protein production. Our deep experience across the entire agricultural value chain means we can help you seize opportunities related to fertilizers, equipment, outputs and biofuels. 

Rising global demand and limited arable land mean it’s more critical than ever to maximize your yields and streamline your operating model. We specialize in helping you achieve a self-reinforcing cycle of discipline that merges operational excellence, capital productivity, commercial excellence, technology and data, and organizational capabilities.

We understand that you’re working in a complex business, where competition for alternative fuel sources is fierce. Governmental regulations can change and contradict each other, often threatening to suppress yield and disrupt trade. We are there to support you to face challenges in the agriculture sector for better results.

Feeding the world population in the decades to come will require agriculture companies to operate with vision, discipline, and adaptability. We can help you meet every challenge—even those that remain unforeseen.

Automotive & e- Mobility Industry

The automotive industry is experiencing profound disruption from emerging trends promise to reshape not just the industry, but society. To succeed, companies will need to decide which of these trends to differentiate themselves on, and which to address through a range of partnerships—possibly even with competitors.

Companies can no longer focus only on traditional value chain activities and logistics. Instead, they must pursue a comprehensive business system transformation that puts a renewed focus on customers, invests in the right digital technologies, and rethinks every aspect of the organization, from the C-suite to the production floor. Focus on emerging electrical- E segment mobility shall help organizations and community to deliver sustainable growth.

In these scenarios, our automotive consulting experts work closely with vehicle technology developers, manufacturers, assemblers, suppliers, retailers, technology companies and mobility service providers to develop breakthrough strategies that help you achieve the full potential of your business today while ensuring that every facet of your business is future-ready and poised to seize new opportunities.

Aviation, Defense& Internal Security

Across every subsector of defense—including aviation, space, internal security and government services—we help leaders solve their most challenging problems and emerge stronger than ever. Our aviation, defense and internal security consulting expertise have enabled clients around the globe to pursue partnerships, technology adaptation, digital transformation, sustainability, operational excellence, and cost containment. We also provide crucial advice in acquisitions, post-merger integrations, separations, and divestitures, and we are providing due diligence for scores of private equity and corporate clients.

Backed by our extensive network of industry and functional experts, we help you transform cost structures, improve performance, and build new partnerships with next-generation technology companies. Critical to all of these efforts is winning the war for talent, which is becoming a scanty resource than capital. We’ll show you how to attract, retain, and develop the high performers who will take your company to new heights.

Connecting defense department with industry has been our core strength. Ripples of industry disruption make this an ideal time for defense and internal security companies and their investors to develop and implement strategies to maintain their leadership positions. Let us show you how to navigate today’s turbulence and make your organization more innovative, agile, and sustainable.

Consumer Goods

Abnormally this time, consumer goods companies have been dealing with turbulence and disruption for years; Global pandemic, massive shifts in consumer behavior, accelerated digital payment modes, supply chain shocks, and competition from new players are just some of the factors putting the brakes on growth. An intense focus on sustainability has consumers and companies at every stage of the value chain rethinking their habits, priorities and ways of doing business.

Despite those pressures, the list of leading consumer goods/ products companies has remained remarkably stable, a testament to the advantages of volume. By reshaping their portfolios, revamping their go-to-market approaches and pursuing operational efficiencies, scale leaders have managed to remain on top—for now.

Our consumer products consulting expertise ensures you stay on top.  As agility and consumer intimacy become ever more critical, we’ll help you navigate disruption, anticipate risks and remain an industry leader. 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your consumers to shape your business outcomes today and in the future
  • Develop a winning strategy 
  • Adopt a “Present-Forward/Future-Backward” approach that enables you to reach full potential with today’s business as you make rapid progress toward your future vision.
  • Accelerate brand growth, even in slow-growth categories in developed markets
  • Become a true partner with retailers, managing key accounts more effectively 
  • Turn your supply chains into competitive armor.
  • Unlock the power of your supply base from procurement full potential efforts to drive margin expansion, meet your reach, and drive resiliency & innovation.
  • Reshape your brand portfolios through strategic mergers & acquisitions and divestitures, to achieve scale, tap into new growth areas or acquire new capabilities. We can help you optimize target selection, diligence and value creation, supported by the right M&A strategy and integration expertise.
  • Simplify, speed up and slim down operating models to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization. Build sustainability into your strategy, so you transform it from a challenge to an opportunity.

Our clients include companies in the food, beverages, personal and household care, consumer durables, luxury goods, apparel and footwear, recreational products, over-the-counter medicines, Over The Counter- OTC products, herbal/ Ayurvedic products and other sectors. The breadth of our experience and expertise, combined with our broad ecosystem of best-of-breed partners, ensures that we customize powerful solutions that meet your exact needs.

In today’s hyper-competitive and rapidly changing global energy industry, success demands the right combination of strategic thinking, flawless performance, and an innovation mindset. As climate change and shifting consumer preferences redefine the business-social compact, we help our clients invest with an eye to environmental, social, and governance strategies.

Cross Border Commerce

We have devised clear strategies to create value for organizations by connecting them to B2B and B2C segments in Asia. We can help deal with Customs barriers to facilitate exports / imports among Asian countries, by using our strong relationship with the concerned authorities. We can propose to you the right product mix, pricing and logistics options, to counter domestic market turbulence due to local competition and trade slumps. We can also assist you in joint ventures, mergers, take-overs and various integration practices to spearhead your overseas business activities.

For years, our energy consultants have delivered breakthrough solutions for clients in every sector of the industry. We bring integrated expertise that cuts across regions, functions, and capabilities – from the latest in digital tools and analytics to deep insights in consumer trends and cost structures. Our energy and natural resources expertise covers everything from post-merger integration to supply-chain optimization, cost transformation, and B2B go-to-market strategies. We can help you discover new ways to improve every aspect of your operations, to redefine your markets, and scale your innovations. 

We are committed to ambitious sustainability goals for our own firm, and we have a proven track record of helping companies harness the power of new technologies and practices to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ll help you work with customers and stakeholders to protect and expand your social license to operate in your communities. 

Energy and natural resources companies are under extraordinary pressure to be accountable to investors, regulators, and the public at large. Get the balance right and you can seize a once-in-generation chance to achieve breakthrough transformation. Get it wrong and you may face an existential crisis. You don’t have to do it alone. Let us show you how to make big things happen.


Rapidly evolving market dynamics, regulatory forces and consumer expectations are continually adding new layers of complexity to the healthcare industry. Our healthcare and life sciences consulting expertise is built on a detailed understanding of each player across the value chain, from doctors and patients to payers, drug developers, manufacturers and pharmacies. Our cross-disciplinary insights can help you fuel innovation, reduce costs, optimize digital technologies such as generative AI, and achieve maximum, sustained value. We operate as one practice, with expertise across Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Healthcare Payers, and Healthcare Providers, Medical Tourism and Services, bringing diverse and deep experience to every engagement. 

  • Ayurveda and Herbals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Technology
  • Healthcare Services
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Tourism

Construction & Real Estate

Downturns, lockdowns, trade wars and, for some, a dawning era of massive infrastructure investment add up to a moment of extraordinary change and opportunity for the construction and building products industry. Soaring construction costs have stressed both commercial and residential subsectors, and their related supply chains. 

For years we’ve helped industry leaders develop the strategies and capabilities that fuel innovation and growth. In every type of market environment, our infrastructure and construction industry consultants have helped companies in materials, services, wholesale, distribution and other segments achieve extraordinary results.

As sustainability becomes imperative, we’re helping our clients reinvent the way they operate, invest, and plan ahead. Whether you’re a manufacturer and distributor of building and construction materials or real estate broker seeking to understand usage trends and market penetration, or an engineering and procurement company specializing in highway and street construction, our skilled teams will help your company achieve unprecedented impact.

Our network of experts can help you accelerate digital innovation, transform cost structures, reinvent your manufacturing capabilities, and bring more resilience to your supply chains and procurement programs. The industry’s most successful companies have turned to us for commercial due diligence on many of the past decade’s biggest projects, and we are also the acknowledged leader in post-merger integration. Our clients are leaders in the use of sustainable building materials, like green steel.

As world populations rapidly alter how and where they work, travel, and live, profound changes are coming to the sector. Only the boldest, most discipline, and innovative companies will prosper. 

Manufacturing & Production

Machinery and equipment makers are hurtling toward a new reality over the next decade that will enable them to reinvent their capabilities and embrace solutions-centric business models.

New technologies are facilitating ever more complex forms of tightly integrated, end-to-end automation supported by powerful data analytics. New players are entering the market unburdened by legacy business models.

Given that profit pools in the machinery, systems and control market are expected to double by 2030, companies have plenty of incentive to modernize their tech stacks. Our machinery and equipment consultants combine deep expertise in digital transformation, cost transformation, organizational design and other disciplines to help you develop and execute a winning strategy.

We can also help you improve all core aspects of operations—from procurement, supply chain and operating models to customer experience, B2B sales and marketing, and engineering excellence—so you achieve significantly higher levels of efficiency and become a performance leader. Our deep experience in private equity and M&A—including unmatched capabilities in due diligence—can help you navigate industry consolidation, analyze long-term market scenarios, and stay out front in a highly dynamic industry.


The fast-changing world of retail demands adaptability and competency. And our retail consultants know what it takes to stay out front. We’re now entering the age of Retail Confluence, in which we see traditional incumbent retailers (kirana) and digital natives battling for the same customers, talent, profit pools, and shareholders and new grocery aggregators. This convergence—coupled with new waves of technology, proliferating consumer touchpoints, and table stakes sustainability agendas—accelerates the urgency for all players to transform their core retail and digital capabilities. 

We have a proven track record of delivering measurable results, including increased sales, reduced costs, improved customer experience, impactful innovation, and higher shareholder value. Leveraging our proprietary analytics, software platforms, and deep customer insights, we help leading retailers around the world use data, technology, and shopper trends to navigate uncertainty and leapfrog the competition. 

Let us help you refine your retail strategy in order to: 

  • Maximize customer affection and delight. Use your deep and proprietary knowledge of your customers to increase customer loyalty and retention, generate promoters, and create personalized shopping journeys that delight consumers beyond their expectations.  
  • Excel at core retail.  Build the right assortment, pricing, and promotions, balanced with localization, private labels, and innovation to entice customers.
  • Redefine the omni-channel footprint. Evolve your supply chain and store networks to not only delight during customer-facing moments, but also ensure fast, resilient, and cost-effective fulfillment.  
  • Accelerate the tech transformation. Future-proof your technology and shift spending to business-growing innovation, automation, and data management, all while transforming to an agile, product-based operating model.  
  • Tap into new profit streams. Diversify profit pools by moving “beyond business” into high-growth and high-margin adjacencies such as retail media, data monetization, and new marketplaces.  
  • Build a scale ecosystem. Define your role in the ecosystem, from hub to spoke; build scale and new in-house capabilities or through strategic M&A and partnerships. 
  • Achieve an ultra-lean cost base. Fund your transformation through a tight cost base, from procurement to stores to your operating model. 
  • Partnership with best aggregators and distributors.

We prioritize building diverse and inclusive teams that collaborate with a broad ecosystem of industry leaders. These partnerships, along with our expert executive networks and proprietary data and software tools, uniquely position us to solve your most demanding challenges.    

  • Food & Groceries
  • Fashion & Textiles
  • Restaurants
  • Consumer durables


In an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat, technology firms must be able to scale fast and pivot even faster. Whatever your company’s focus or life-cycle stage, our industry insights and cross-sector expertise will help you determine the right moves and get fast, sustainable results. 

Every day we help these clients identify new avenues for growth, optimize their channel partner networks, and, in semiconductors, improve their strategies and operations to seize opportunities in mobile, autonomous driving and e- mobility. We work with clients in IT services, storage, components and peripherals, and every other sector within the tech universe. And our technology practice is backed by our firm’s comprehensive expertise in private equity and telecommunications.

We help market leaders plan acquisitions, streamline R&D processes, boost sales force effectiveness, improve cybersecurity, and reduce costs. We show underperforming companies how to overhaul capital structures, and we show emerging players how to scale up their organizations for the increased complexity that comes with growth. As trusted advisors to CTOs, CIOs, and financial backers, we share a deep understanding of the full potential of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. 

The tech industry is one of the most dynamic and consequential sectors of our global economy. But the rising tides don’t necessarily lift all boats. Let us show you how to master the technical and business model innovations that will put you on course toward a new horizon of performance and growth.

  • IT Services
  • Software
  • Telemedicine technology
  • AI& IoT

Transportation & Logistics

Our deep expertise across transportation, logistics and digitally enabled mobility ensures that your organization keeps people—and the things people depend on—moving more efficiently than ever. Our transportation consultants have helped hundreds of express, parcel and post companies, trucking companies, third-party logistics providers, railways, port operators, ocean shippers and distributors, mass transit systems and other transportation companies around the world solve complex problems and seize leadership positions.

  • Warehousing
  • Freight 
  • Logistics services

Travel & Leisure

Having mostly rebounded from its pandemic-era dip, the travel and leisure industry is poised for take-off. New forces, including technological advances, an emphasis on personalized experiences, and increased pressure on profitability, will require that players evolve to win.

We help guide travel and leisure innovators, operators, and investors, leveraging deep industry experience that includes several projects for clients including travel agencies, their online counterparts, tour operators, airlines, hotels, short-term rentals, cruises, casinos, theme parks and other location-based entertainment. Our travel and leisure consultants are immersed in the unique dynamics of each sub-sector and can help you better understand how to serve today’s customer, navigate emerging challenges, and build a strategy that ensures growth and sustainability.

The hospitality industry has long demonstrated resilience to macro-challenges—even finding opportunities amid them. Covid-19, for example, reframed work expectations, enabling the thinning lines between business and leisure travel. Now, hyper-personalization, the growing importance of sustainability, and the rise of technology like generative AI are creating new ways to deliver value. As the industry continues to face changing consumer needs and economic pressures, we’re your trusted partners in the journey to smart growth now and in the future. Our Travel & tour initiatives are upfront to run a consortium of all concerned in this sector connecting the world.