Missed ITR Filing / Revision Deadlines?

Missed ITR Filing Revision Deadlines

Did you forget to file your income tax return ?

There is still time to file returns from Fy 2019-20 onwards

Have they not filed income tax returns yet? There is still a chance.

31.12.2022 is not the last date to file a return for the fy 2021-22  under income tax act, you can still file your return. How?

Income tax department is giving one more chance to those who could not file their return till now. For that, the act was amended and Sec.139(8) was introduced. What is the speciality of Sec 139(8)?

Section 139(8A) under the Income Tax Act allows you a chance to update your

ITR within two years. Two years will be calculated from the end of the year in which the original return was filed.So you can still file your return from the fy 2019-20 onwards.  ITR-U was introduced to optimize tax compliance by taxpayers without provoking legal action.

Any person who has made an error or omitted certain income details in any of the following returns can file an updated return:

Original return of income, or 

Belated return, or 

Revised return

An Updated Return can be filed in the following cases:

Did not file the return. 

  1. Missed return filing deadline and the belated return deadline
  2. Income is not declared correctly
  3. Chose wrong head of income
  4. Paid tax at the wrong rate
  5. To reduce the carried forward loss
  6. To reduce the unabsorbed depreciation
  7. To reduce the tax credit u/s 115JB or 115JC
  8. A taxpayer could file only one updated return for each assessment year (AY).

ITR-U cannot be filed in the following cases:

  1. Updated return is already filed 
  2. For filing nil return/ loss return
  3. For claiming/enhancing the refund amount.
  4. When updated return results in lower tax liability
  5. Search proceeding u/s 132 has been initiated against you
  6. A survey is conducted u/s 133A
  7. Books, documents or assets are seized or called for by the Income Tax
  8. authorities u/s 132A.
  9. If assessment/reassessment/revision/re-computation is pending or
  10. completed.

If there is no additional tax outgo (when the tax liability is adjusted with TDS

credit/ losses and you do not have any additional tax liability, you cannot file

an Updated ITR)


  1.  It allows you to claim TDS refunds.
  2.  It will help you with visa or credit card applications.
  3.  It helps you claim any carried forward losses
  4. If you fail to file your ITR on time, then you will be liable to pay a certain amount as a penalty to the department U/S 234 F